The Montessori Method


"The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth."

 - Maria Montessori


Dr Maria Montessori developed an approach to early education based on the childs freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. Her observations of children enabled her to develop an educational approach that catered to the uniqueness of each child. Her insights have been influenced throughout the world, both within Montessori settings and mainstream education.

The Montessori approach is successful because it is based on the deep understanding of the way children learn - through choosing, trying and doing themselves. This freedom and the close observation and guidance of a Montessori method carer, together create a confidence building approach that will enable each child to fulfil their potential.

Teachers show respect for children when they help them do things and learn for themselves. When children have choices, they are able to develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective learning autonomy, and positive self-esteem.



The children are allowed to conduct what they will like to do during the day.

Free play and activities - They are always given the choice to help themselves with certain toys in the play area, they can go to the shelves and select a book or toy or activity which has been placed there for today. I often mix up the toys and set out activities with certain themes.

They will also have the choice to select toys from drawers with labels on. I will help teach the children to clear away the toys and put back where they find them and then they can continue with another activity.



'Care of Self'. This section covers all kinds of exercises to help young children learn to take care of themselves such as dressing, blowing their nose, preparing a snack for themselves, and basic practical life skills.

For example when finishing meals older children when finished with their food are shown to empty their food into one bin and place their dirty plate in another bin to be washed. I also teach to set the table before meals and wipe the table down after. Before and after meals all children will wash their hands.


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